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Fudgy Brownie Recipe | American cookies | Eggless Fudge Cookies

Fudgy Brownie Recipe | American cookies | Eggless Fudge Cookies. This cookie is so similar to fudgy and chewy brownies because the mixture of brown sugar and dark chocolate gives a different texture and provides crispiness on the outside and chewier from the inside. Soo lets see this eggless Fudge cookie Recipe. Preparation time - 15minutes Baking time - 30 minutes Recipe By - Prashant Ingredients For Fudgy Brownie flour - 1cup egg - 1 brown sugar - 1/2 cup melted butter - 1/2 cup chocolate chunks  1/2 cup salt - 1tps  baking powder - 1tps baking soda  - 1tps Some Extra Tips 1 Try to use brown sugar. we can use normal sugar but it affects the color of the cookie. 2 use chocolate chunks in place of choco chips. 3 we can add vanilla essence to it. Recipe of Fudge Brownie Recipe :- step1 Preheat the oven to 180*c.Mix the brown sugar and butter evenly so that it will incorporate so much air. step2 add egg and mix properly so that there will be no lunches of butter and sugar. step3 add the