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No Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe | Crunchy Biscuit Cake

 No-Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe | Crunchy Biscuit Cake - Mainly this No-Bake Biscuit cake is loved soo much by all the generations because it is easy to make and is much much more delicious than you think. So because of this people love this No-Bake Biscuit cake recipe soo much. This Crunchy Cake is also widely available and is also available in many variations. But here by using this Recipe you can Make it by Yourself. So follow these steps to learn this No-bake biscuit cake recipe.

No-Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe | Crunchy Biscuit Cake

Ingredients For No Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe :-

1.Biscuit = 1 packet(200gm)

2. Soft butter = 150 gms

3.Dry fruits = 5 to 6 piece (optional)

4.Choco powder = 2 tbsp

5.Sugar = 5 tsp

6.Coffee = 1 tsp

7.Custrad powder = 1 and 1/2 tsp

8.Water = 1 cup


Cooking Time - 35-40 min

Preparation time- 10-15 min

Calories -  95 to 100 calories per serving of a normal cake slice

Recipe By - Prashant


 No-Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe Steps:-

1.Firstly we have to make our chocolate ganache so for this take a saucepan put the choco powder,150 gms of butter (Here you have to two choices if you want to add butter with a biscuit so you have to take 100 gms of butter and mix with biscuit pieces) sugar, coffee, custard powder mix them.

2.Put the one cup of water in the saucepan and bring it to boil. We have to mix properly and take an eye on it So that it will not stick in the pan.

3.When we get a medium-thick consistency remove the pan from the heat and let it cool.

4.Next thing is We have to break the biscuit into medium size.

No Bake Cake Recipe

5.After when the ganache comes at room temperature. We have to transfer our biscuit pieces into the ganache.

6. Don't mix so much otherwise our biscuit becomes soft.

7.Now transfer the No-Bake Biscuit Cake batter into the cake tin and put it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

8.After Taking It out of the refrigerator touch the top surface of the cake if it sticks on your finger then again put the tin in the fridge for 1 hour. After That Your, No-Bake Biscuit is ready to be served.

No Bake Cake

Some Extra Tips:-

1. We can replace white sugar with brown sugar Because it has fewer calories and less gluten is produced

2.Try to take sugar-free biscuits because those biscuits which have sugar they easily moist.

3.We can use chocolate and heavy cream for ganache also.

4.This No Bake Biscuit Cake is mostly served with vanilla ice cream so try serving it with vanilla ice cream.

No Bake Cake With Vanilla

Hope So You Liked This No Bake Biscuit Cake Recipe. Don't forget to check out this Curd Cake Recipe and White Chocolate Brownie Recipe



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