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Peanut Butter And White Chocolate Blondies Recipe

I love brownies but they also adore white chocolate so rather than making brownies I'm getting to make Blondie's and these Whitacre Blondie's are peanut butter and chocolate Blondie's I love the flavour of peanut butter with white chocolate it's quite you recognize that the salty with the sweet just works so well and you continue to get the very fudgy a quite dense texture that you simply get within the chocolate brownie.

 So first of all I'm going to take the butter and this is often 100 grams of sentimental butter with 150 grams of peanut butter I prefer to use crunchy peanut butter because you get the stunning crunch of the peanuts within the Blondie's when they're actually cooked you'll if you prefer I exploit a smooth spread so beat them up you cannot do that with a wooden spoon during a bowl I'm just employing a  hand mixer and beat up the butter and the spread intimates really light soft and creamy once it's nice and pale like that. T…
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White chocolate Brownie Recipe - Easy And Delicious

 White chocolate Brownie Recipe - White chocolate brownie recipe. Brownies are a type of sheet cake. They are commonly eaten by hand, regularly joined by milk, served warm with frozen yogurt (in the current style), finished off with whipped cream, or sprinkled with powdered sugar and fudge. In North America, they are regular handcrafted treats and they are likewise well known in restaurants and cafes. In 1893 Mr’s Palmer requested the chef to make dessert for the ladies who came to attend World’s Columbia Exposition and that resulted in a brownie. 

We can also make a healthier version of the brownie by using Brown sugar instead of white sugar and by pure dark chocolate with low-fat milk in place of condensed milk So here is a simple recipe guide of how to make white chocolate brownie at home so that you can enjoy this White chocolate Brownie Recipe with your loved once.
Ingredients For White chocolate Brownie Recipe:- Flour - 1cup White chocolate - ½ cup Choco powder - 1tbsp Baking powd…

Curd Cake Recipe Eggless ( Using Curd ) To Make At Home

Curd Cake Recipe Or Eggless Curd Cake Recipe is a recipe that is only made up of just by using curd as the main material. You do not require much of the things to make this cake as only curd is the main ingredient apart from the necessary ingredients. therefore it also becomes easy to make this Curd cake as only a few things are only required to prepare this cake. So this is the easy Eggless curd cake recipe shown here which will help you to make this Eggless curd cake, vanilla curd cake at home and enjoy the delicious eggless curd cake.

Ingredients:-•Flour 1 cup •Curd¼ cup •Powder sugar½ cup •Oil¼ cup •Baking soda ½ teaspoon •Baking powder1 teaspoon •Vanilla essence1 teaspoon

Semolina Cake Recipe Indian - Rava Cake Recipe

Semolina Cake Recipe Indian | Rava Cake Recipe - Rava cake or semolina cake is a South Indian recipe made with semolina, yogurt, milk, and sugar. You can enjoy this perfect tee-time snack with tea or a cup of coffee. This is easy to make and delicious recipes. You can easily prepare it for kitty parties and pot luck, which everyone will like. It can be given in the lunch box to the children who eat and drink, they will surely taste it and eat it. Serve this Rava cake by garnishing it with broken-fruity and then see how people get water on seeing this cake. Try and enjoy this fun Semolina Cake Recipe | Rava Cake Recipe with your loved ones!

Semolina Cake Recipe Indian | Rava Cake Recipe Ingredients:-1/2 Cup Sugar1 cup Rava (Suji)1 Cup curd1/4 cup wheat flour1/4 cup milk1/4 cup butter (ghee)1tsp baking powder1/2 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp salt1/2 tsp saffron1 tsp cardamom powder _______________________________
Preparation time - 15 minutes
Cooking Time - 40 minutes
Recipe by - Ritika

How To Make Oreo Cake Step By Step - Simple Oreo Cake Recipe

How To Make Oreo Cake Step By Step - Simple Oreo Cake Recipe Which you can easily prepare at home and enjoy with your loved once. Happiness is making the cake and the situation becomes more happier when you get to know that you can make easily just by using the daily food you have that is biscuits and that too when it is chocolate oreo cake the happiness is different. So keeping all your queries in mind here I present the recipe of oreo cake or you can say chocolate oreo cake and make your delicious chocolate oreo cake at home step by step.

Ingredients Required:-2 Oreo biscuit packets1/2 cup sugar1 tbsp Butter1/2 tbsp Baking powdergems ( Optional)________________________________
Cooking time- 30 minutes preparation time- 10- 15 minutes Recipe by - Ms. Anita

Simple Oreo Cake Recipe Steps:-
Step1- Take 2 oreo biscuit packets in a bowl and add sugar to it.
Step2- After that mix it in the grinder properly and take out the mixture in the bowl.
Step3- Now add 1 cup o…

Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake Recipe - Make Cake Now

Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake RecipeThe Japanese Cotton Sponge cake is bouncy like a sponge and has a soft and delicate texture that resembles cotton when you tear it apart. So here is a quick recipe of Cotton sponge cake using eggs.
Ingredients for Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake Recipe 1; flour > 2 cup2; powder sugar > 1 and 1/2 cup3; milk > 1 & half cup4; coco powder > 4 tablespoon(optional)5; fresh cream > half cup(optional)                             6; eggs > 4 7; vanilla essence> 1 table spoon(optional)8; baking powder > 1 tablespoon9; baking soda > half tablespoon10; Oil > 3 tablespoon11; lemon juice > 1/4 teaspoon
Japanese Cotton Sponge Cake Recipe STEPS :-Step 1-  First of all we have to make meringue for this we have to separate egg white in a bowl and add 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice and half teaspoon salt. We have to make powder half cup sugar and add in egg white three times as the foam increases after some time soft peaks have their in the bowl…

7 Easy Cake Recipe For Beginners | Easy Cake Recipes To Try At Home

Easy Cake Recipes yes you read it right Easy Cake Recipe For Beginners by which you can make your cake easily at home or wherever you are. The cake is always a delicious thing to eat but when it comes to the making of cake it becomes a tedious task but no not now after going through these recipes one can easily make a cake at home. So let's see some of the easy cake recipes for beginners.

1. Sponge Cake Recipe:- This is one of the simplest cake recipes I know and this was the cake also which I also prepared when I prepared cake for the first time. It is one of the easiest cake recipes one can look at and will help you to make the cake easily, so if you are a beginner and just starting out then I will definitely suggest you to go for this one. So check out this Sponge cake recipe
2. Fruit Cake Recipe:- After the sponge cake recipe there comes a recipe for fruit cake. It is one of the easy cake recipes Nut (fruit) cake is a cake made with candy-coated or dried natural products, nuts,…